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FNF: Dystopian Daydreams: Final Outdoor Week: Vanishing on 7th/THX 1138

FNF-Dystopian Daydreams Presents: Final Week Double

Nimbus #1

Nimbus is now available.  You can request it by going to

Watch for its own page on this website.

The Poetry of Outer Space

Ron Schaefer’s latest film is the third and final installment in his nature trilogy — a series of impressionistic films from a personal point of view of experiencing nature as it is.  In this case, he takes the viewer on an imaginary journey to the stars using images supplied by NASA and other sources, and weaves them together with music and poetry.

The Poetry of Outer Space

RON'S PODCAST featuring TABLOID MAN anywhere you get podcasts


See “DRED SCOTT” listed on the AHT  and SWFILMS:DOCUMENTARIES  pages; and

THE POETRY OF OUTER SPACE on Docs & Space Symposium